Assault Records

ASR001 THE SCARLET LETTER Pure, Unadulterated Adultery EP

Nine passionate tracks from New Jersey's The Scarlet Letter. The music is powerful and recalls the fury of '80s hardcore, while having some definite newer influences as well. Addding emotional and melodic parts to the mix of fast-paced, powerful and slightly psychotic punk rock, they’ve created their own blend of screamo hardcore that is highly original. What makes the Scarlet Letter stick out is their ability to successfully mix different styles. Ultra fast parts with melodic breaks, accentuated by different singers, and back to something else entirely. Somehow, they make this work again and again in songs that take barely a minute. Their musical complexity is matched by intelligently political lyrics that address serious issues. The 12-page booklet does not contain only the lyrics but explanations for every song, making it abundantly clear that these kids care