Assault Records

ASR003 R.A.M.B.O. Wall Of Death The System LP/CD

RAMBO hail from Philadelphia and play heavy, fast, and thrashy hardcore that has great sing-alongs and mosh parts all over the place. Their lyrics span a variety of topics including riding bikes ('U-Lock Justice'), moshing ('Bike, Skate, Mosh'), riots ('Wall Of Death The System'), anarchy ('Circle that A Motherfucker'), religion ('No Circle Pits In Heaven') and a whole bunch of other important shit. This band stands for a lot of serious things, but also takes time to have fun, which is the way it should be. ItÂ’s been a while since a band was able to blend amazing music, intelligent (and funny) political lyrics, as well as a ton of anger so effortless. Their LP comes with a huge lyric booklet, filled to the brim with explanations and information, not to mention the incredible artwork of Mike Bukowski. The CD version features an 18 minute cd-rom video that has clips from a bunch of Rambo shows that are just a total fucking riot, literally! The band wears camo and stages huge riot re-enactments with kids in the pit dressed up as either cops or protestors.