Assault Records

ASR006 V/A Raging Assault CD

In association with RedRedRed and XlowbrowX comes a triple split CD featuring the entire discographies (so far) for some of germany’s finest hardcore heroes. This treasure chest not only contains three essential EP releases on one CD, but is loaded with tons of rare extra shit, exclusive to this CD!Things start off with the entire M.O.T.U. – “Never Stop Cutting Off Heads” debut EP. Six trashy songs straight from castle Grayskull, Stuttgart.JUST WENT BLACK’s 5-song debut EP “Balancing Reasons In An Unbalanced World” is up next, followed by four songs from their impossible to find demo. Melodic and passionate northcore to stoke your fire. Get on the ground floor now, before their upcoming full length record on New Age records will have everyone talking. See them kick asses all over europe in summer and fall of 2004.The final 18 songs are the legacy of the infamous SURF NAZIS MUST DIE and presents everything they’ve ever recorded including their sold out 8-song “Anti-Everything” EP, their remastered 9-song demo and an unreleased song. Watch out for the rerelease of their EP on Youth Attack records!Clocking in at 33 songs in 44 minutes, featuring artwork from each band and lyrics to every song, as well as a striking new cover, this CD is a true bargain and a must-have for every cool kid on the block. Now you can finally experience what all those kids with turntables have been talking about last year!