Assault Records


Hailing from Fulton, NY, ANOTHER BREATH play honest, sincere and intelligent hardcore with intelligent lyrics. Great riffs, powerful chorus parts and a keen sense of melody are the ingredients for their songs which are filled with raw energy and passion. They're probably the best band that you've never heard of. Their unique blend of fast, yet melodic hardcore has a definite rock influence to it, at times reminding me of The Disaster and maybe even a little Kid Dynamite, without being derivative. This isn't just another hardcore record, this is an expression of friendship and love for music. So much so, that you can actually feel their urgency and emotional involvement, making ANOTHER BREATH stand out amongst their contemporaries. Tracks 1-8 were recorded at God City in Boston with Kurt Ballou, songs 9-12 (exclusive to the vinyl version) were recorded at Watchmen Studios by Doug 'Pearly' White. Both recordings perfectly capure the bands essence and their joy at doing something that means the world to them. Limited colored vinyl while stocks last. CD version available from Rivalry