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The wait was long and expectations were high. Now the JUST WENT BLACK full-length is finally out. 'Tides' is a more than worthy successor to their debut ep 'Balancing Reasons In An Unbalanced World'. Refusing to be pigeon-holed, the band has reinvented itself with every step without losing their singular sense for melodies and lyrical self-destruction. Thus it comes as no surprise that building on their very own distinctive sound, the band has matured considerably and evolved musically, taking themselves to a whole new level of passion and sincerity. Unafraid to stray from the beaten path, these 11 tracks are angry, desperate and deeply personal. 'Tides' shows us a darker and heavier side of JUST WENT BLACK, layered with haunting melodies that will stay with you long after the record is finished. More than just a hardcore record, this is an emotional tour de force and a new benchmark for the quintet. Still in love with the dirt, the rejected and crippled, JUST WENT BLACK don't submit to the clichés and trends that plague today's Hardcore scene. Convinced of Hardcore as being 'more than music', they succeed in bringing back integrity and intensity to a scene that is lacking both all too often these days. Mastered by Paul Miner at Q Mark, pressed on 150g vinyl and packed in beautiful gatefold cover, 'Tides' serves as an inspiration in a world of disappointment. CD available from NEW AGE Records (USA)