Assault Records

ASR010 THE LEGACY We Gave It Everything CD

This is the reissue of THE LEGACY's 'We Gave It Everything' MCD originally released on Dead & Gone If you haven't heard from THE LEGACY yet, you're missing out on one of europe's finest hardcore bands right now. One year after their debut release, THE LEGACY have stepped it way up. 'We Gave It Everything' showcases the bands progression from melodic old school hardcore into something more passionate and intense. Retaining their melodic edge, the new record comes at you with more drama and anger, improved songwriting and lyrics. If you're into bands like MODERN LIFE IS WAR and LIFE LONG TRAGEDY, you owe it to yourself to give THE LEGACY a listen. While similar to these bands, THE LEGACY still retains a more old school approach that makes 'We Gave It Everything' nothing short of exceptional. Just like the best hardcore songs, THE LEGACY give strength and inspiration, something we all need in a world were ideals are considered by many to be expendable. In this life of broken dreams, their message is simple: 'Don't give up on yourself'!