Assault Records


SHORT FUSE charge at you with 18 tracks of pissed-off old school hardcore in just under 20 minutes. These guys have been active in the scene for years and their love for early hardcore from the 80's is more than evident. Stripped down and raging Hardcore that serves as an outlet to vent frustrations, a way to deal with the pressures of the daily grind. Disillusioned and angry, this is where these four guys come alive, proud and passionate. Abrasive and in your face, they nevertheless manage to sneak in some melodies and sweet chorus parts every once in a while, creating a volatile mix that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go. If you miss bands like the CIRCLE JERKS, got a soft spot for DISCHARGE and can't get enough FUCKED UP vinyl, SHORT FUSE will deliver the goods. Not concerned with crews and cliques, this is true Hardcore Punk, furious and reckless. Split release with Underestimated Records from the