Assault Records

ASR024 Another Breath The God Complex LP

Good things come to those who wait... After keeping a low profile for the last few months, ANOTHER BREATH are back with their third and possibly strongest LP yet. Eleven new tracks see the band treading new ground musically and lyrically. A lot of thought went into creating "The God Complex " and it certainly shows.You might be surprised to hear some rock influences, but make no mistake- "The God Comple" is a hardcore record first and foremost, honesty and passion abound. The sincere and personal lyrics dig deep in their search for answers in this world of uncertainty. They are the threads that hold everything together, providing a path for your journey into  "The God Complex". Emotional and challenging, this is definitely more than the sum of its parts. ANOTHER BREATH are back and stronger than ever.A poster insert and a download code are included with every (colored vinyl) record.